Road To Par

Looking to up your golf game? Road To Par is here to help you achieve your goal of shooting par or better. Our skilled team of LPGA and PGA golf coaches will work closely with you to analyze your swing, identify any areas for improvement, and develop a personalized training program to help you reach your full potential. Through a combination of technical instruction, practice drills, and on-course guidance, we'll guide you on the path to a more consistent and efficient swing, resulting in lower scores and greater enjoyment of the game.

What Patricia Graham had to say after completing the program in 2023.

"This year a group of us decided to take the "Road to Par" lessons from Nina Krats & Jay Steele. It was the beginning to the season and a good time to tune up the game. The experience was a good one and fun. I needed to work on my short game and was told this course would take points off my game. To my surprise, it has done just that. When I started the class my GHIN index was 23.9 and today it is 17.9. I can attribute the improvement of my short game to "Road To Par" I have the confidence to pick the right club and make the shot. My scores are showing the improvement. I would highly recommend these lessons. Nina and Jay did a great job!